The main goals of our social responsibility Project, “Increasing Empathy Towards Persons with Disabilities” are:

  • Increasing public awareness about persons with disabilities and their disabilities,
  • Increasing empathy towards persons with disabilities, owing to the lack of empathy towards them,
  • Without prejudice or discrimination, fostering a perception of equality between people with and without disabilities in social life in the terms of disability consciousness,
  • Creating consistent values

If we can achieve our goals, we believe that other problems in society will be solved automatically.

Making students aware of persons with disabilities and these persons’ problems, educating students about how to act around persons with disabilities are our main goals. Alongside these goals we aim to include persons with disabilities in social life, and giving them more space in the media.

Though our efforts towards establishing an aware and respectful discourse for the students in our school towards people with disabilities is a small step, we believe that fostering empathy among our students for persons with disabilities will bring us one step closer to raising the general awareness of the society with respect to this crucial issue.